I vividly remember in 2011 when I was asked if I was going to sign up for the Open. The woman was insistent I should “do it” and I had zero clue what “doing it” even meant. I couldn’t name a single CrossFit Games athlete, I was barely familiar with CrossFit “lingo” because I had just started 2 months prior, and I certainly had no idea what The Open entailed.

After an explanation that it was a test of my fitness, I laughed thinking that showing up at class seemed like plenty enough of of test. But I caved to peer pressure and signed up.

At this point I’d had a few women in my 9 AM “mom group” cheer me on as I finished a daily WOD, a coach encourage me and high five me as I battled through movements I barely knew…but I’d never experienced a group of people screaming and clapping and pushing me to go faster, lift more and give it all I had. That first Open workout, when I fully experienced the full breadth of the CrossFit community pulling for athletes of various abilities to leave it all out there…well, it was insanely awesome. It reminded me so much of my competitive sports days in high school…but even louder and awesome-er! 🙂

My toes to bar were strict and I was almost upside down trying to get both feet to that bar everytime. I couldn’t do muscle-ups when they showed up and the snatch ladder was one of the hardest things I’d attempted to that date. But I did it. Every workout with the support of my CrossFit family…that’s what they became during that 5 weeks…my family.

As the years progressed along with my fitness, the Open became more about competing on the leaderboard, competing in the gym and eventually earning 3 trips to Regionals and the Master’s Online Qualifier. But even with all the redos to try and better my score, the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach at 7 pm every Thursday night the workouts were released, and the countless times I checked to see where I fell in the state, region, world, age range…it always came back to the same reason I loved my experience in 2011. The community. There’s no other place in the world like a CrossFit gym that comes together during the Open. It’s truly an unmatched experience.

So whether you are just beginning like I was in 2011 or you’ve been at this awhile, sign up. It’s an exciting opportunity to set goals, make a commitment and suffer through the process of progress in the company of your 8035 community every Saturday morning for 5 weeks. Nothing to lose.

The Logistics:

The Open dates: FEB. 22-MARCH 26

18.1- Feb. 22-26

18.2- March 1-5

18.3- March 8-12

18.4- March 15-19

18.5- March 22-26

Thursday, 7 pm:

Weekly workout released & Amy posts to Member’s FB group heat times and everyone. signs up

Saturday, 8 – 11 am:

Open workout is done; Come early and stay late to do the workout and cheer for everyone!

Monday, 7 pm:

Workout scores must be submitted.

Abby and I will be choosing Captains and you will be placed on a team once you’ve signed up. Teams will have weekly themes, accumulate points for things like “Best Outfits” and “Best Team Spirit”, & take a shot at winning a traveling trophy with bragging rights for the entire 2018 season!

Click here to sign up for The Open:  https://games.crossfit.com/

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