This is way past due.  But we are committed to making this regular, no matter what else we have going on!  It’s super important to us (your Garage/8035 Team) that our community and members be the focus.  This helps you all get to know one of our own a little better!

Steve is a badass.  He works hard, he has fun and he’s always supportive of the athletes around him.  Steve recently participated in the MAT Games and did great!  He’s a pleasure to have in classes and we are stoked he’s a part of our 8035 family.

  • Favorite Color: blue
  • Favorite CF Movement: box jumps
  • Least Favorite CF Movement: ring dips and handstand push-ups
  • Favorite Benchmark: Karen – did it on his first day in regular classes
  • Why He Loves It Here:
    • “I really like the overall atmosphere at 8035.  The owners, coaches, and athletes all have a great attitude towards one another while still having a competitive vibe.  I love the intensity, variation, and daily competition of CrossFit.  All with my friends at the gym.”


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