Jessyca Dubois and Francisco Coll are our October Spotlight Members!

Jessyca is a constant fixture in our morning classes! She always has a great attitude, continues to work hard to progress, and offers peers plenty of encouragement.

Francisco is one of our Master athletes and he doesn’t disappoint! He works on skills and strength in addition to WODs, always cheers on those around him, and serves as a great leader and role model for other members and athletes!

Learn more about Jessyca and Francisco below!


Jessyca Dubois

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

  • About a year, started in January.

Favorite song to workout to?

  • “Alright” by Logic

Favorite Olympic Lift?

  • Squat clean and jerk for me! I am mesmerized watching a good snatch though!

Least favorite benchmark?

  • Anything that involves dips.

Why did you start CrossFit?

  • I have been a part of a team / in sports my whole life. After college ball I was always looking to be a part of a team again…then I found Crossfit.

Why have you stuck with it?

  • Why do I stay… The people, I felt like part of the team since day 1. There are so many people I look up to in the gym and who inspire me to do my best. Crossfit starts my weeks off right, I actually look forward to Monday mornings. Crossfit has pushed me harder than I thought possible and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

One piece of advice you’d give somebody considering CrossFit?

  • Embrace the zen of sucking, CrossFit isn’t easy. There will always be someone better than you, but that’s the best part. Set goals and make gains, eventually you will be doing things you never thought possible.

Francisco Coll

Why did you decide to start at CF8035?

  • I came to 8035 because I wanted more.
    I had been doing Crossfit for about a year and had created a decent base, but was not feeling real growth. Besides my traveling for business, I decided to do some Drop-Ins with all the major Boxes in Des Moines, at that time. I experimented with four others and they all had there pros & cons. My last stop was 8035. A Coach (JD) greeted me well and I looked around; two coaches were doing their own WOD, another was doing a one-on-one for a member and there were two members doing strength training. I could already tell, this might be the Box. So remember that part where I said I was wanting more … My first WOD at 8035 was with JD and Luke. Just before the WOD Luke asked me why I came to 8035 from my other Box. I told him why and he said, “We can help you with that!” And after that class I knew I was in the right box. Between the Coach’s attention to detail, the fact that they all competed, in some way, and a real desire to see me improve, I was hooked … oh, and I had to lay down for 3 minutes after the WOD too.

You’ve been around for a while…what’s been your favorite part of our growth?

  • Of course, it goes without saying that making the move to a larger Box at Keo Way was a dramatic shift forward. That being said, when I saw the different levels (Rx+, Rx, Fitness, Novice) for members to aspire towards, as well as the continued Competition Team Class, I knew we were growing. That has been my favourite part so far.

Favorite benchmark?

  • “Helen” – Just right to push through.

Least favorite benchmark?

  • “DT” – Its like kryptonite!

Favorite cheat meal?

  • Pizza, Guinness beer and coffee ice cream … hows that for cheating 😉

Goal for the next year or so?

  • Qualify for the “Competition Team Class”
    x2 Clean & Jerk @ 255 lbs.


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