Today, meet Trudy! Mother of 5, 52 years old and an 8035 member for nearly a year! Trudy is as consistent as she can be, and always brings a great attitude to every workout, regardless of what it is!

Highlights from her CF experience: She gained 15 lbs muscle and her clothes fit better! In addition she’s experiencing more restful sleep, has noticed improved coordination and her confidence has increased a great deal!

Why does she keep coming back: She loves the awesome coaches and the atmosphere, and thinks all the members are super nice! She also loves learning and building new skills!

Something most people don’t know about her: Trudy is 1/2 Dutch, 1/2 African American, and her real name is “Gertruida” (after her Dutch grandma)

Her advice for a new CrossFitters: Ask questions!!!

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Meet Alex! He’s a Walmart Supervisor and has been with 8035 for 4 months now! We love his enthusiasm and willingness to embrace coaching and work hard!

Highlights from his CrossFit experience: He has lost 13 lbs and quit smoking and drinking!!! Alex is active for the first time and feeling fantastic (and looking great, we might add)!

Why does he keep coming back: The coaches and members are friendly and motivating! He’s been to other CrossFits but 8035 is the “nicest around.” Alex feels like he’s part of a family and told us “As long as you guys offer CrossFit, I’m here.”

Something most people don’t know about him: He can make some kick ass bird noises…it’s legit!

Advice he would give new CrossFitters: Don’t give up! Keep coming and push yourself!


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