Meet MacKenzie Woolwich

Tell me a little about yourself!
I am originally from Chicago, but currently I a junior Health Sciences student at Drake University. I am going to school in hopes to become a dietitian. Besides being passionate about CrossFit, I also ride horses competitively when I am back home in Chicago.

How long have you been at 8035?
I have been at 8035 since November 2015.

What’s your proudest achievement at 8035?
My proudest achievement thus far at 8035 is being able to squat 100 lbs because when I joined 75 lbs felt like a lot.

What keeps you coming back to 8035?
I keep coming back to 8035 because the people and coaches are just so awesome! Everyone has such great attitudes that are so positive and motivating, which makes me look forward to the WOD each day, no matter how hard or easy it may be.

What’s one goal in 2016?
One goal I have for 2016 is to keep building muscle and be able to snatch 70 lbs by the summer.



Meet Jake Oeth

Tell me a little about you!
I am currently in law school at Drake and just finished working on a Democratic Presidential Iowa caucus campaign. O’Malley 2016!

How long have you been at 8035?
Going on two years.

What’s your proudest achievement since being at 8035?
Hitting a 300lb clean

What keeps you coming back to 8035?
The good people and coaches! And sometimes the WODs.

What’s one goal you have in 2016?
I want to eat healthier so I can drop a few lbs and finally get a muscle up!

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