Corey Taylor

How long have you been a member of 8035?
  • I’ve been doing Crossfit off and on since 2013.  When I moved to Des Moines, I joined CF Ankeny and joined on at 8035 last July, when I moved downtown.  I came to a Freebie Friday and immediately fell in love with the gym atmosphere, and the people, both coaches and members.  I’ve been coming ever since.
What are some of your proudest accomplishments since joining 8035?
  • Some of my proudest accomplishments have really been centered around the people I get to train with everyday.  Having the opportunity to train with some of the most badass athletes in the Comp Training group has pushed my limits and really challenged me, both mentally and physically.  Coming in on Saturday’s to judge the Open WODs, was a new experience for me and something I was really proud to be a part of.  Since joining 8035, I’ve PR’d on all of my Oly lifts, which was a huge accomplishment for me personally.
What keeps you coming back?
  • I can’t say enough about the members and coaches at 8035.  The coaches truly care about the individual success of each of their members, and go the extra mile to help you meet your personal goals.  They create an atmosphere that makes 8035 so much more than a just a gym.  The high level of member commitment at 8035 creates a sense of personal accountability that you don’t get at many other gyms.  I owe it to not only myself, but the coaches and other members, to come in each day and give it everything I have!
  • Quick shout out to the 5am crew, because I know answering that 4:30 AM alarm clock every morning is a feat in and of itself!
What are your goals for 2016?
  • My main goal for 2016 is pretty simple, get a little better every day!  I want to continue to push my limits to become the best athlete I can be.  Specifically, I want to add at least 20 pounds to all of my Oly lifts, and train to finish in the top 500 in the region in next year’s Open.  A few movements I want to specifically get better at are C2B, HSPU, and BURPEES!



Katelyn Stein

How long have you been a member at 8035?

  • I joined 8035 three months ago.

Tell me some of you proudest accomplishments since joining.

  • Proudest moment so far was achieved this week. I have been struggling with hspu since I joined and finally conquered them! My other accomplishment were double-unders.

What keeps you coming back to 8035?

  • At the garage, I love the consistency in coaching, comradery with other members, and challenge of the workouts. Immediately upon join, the coaches and members wasted no time to make me feel welcome, motivate me, or call me out on my lifting form/technique.

What are a few of your goals for 2016?

  • In addition, give me a little bio about yourself….occupation, family, etc.!
    In the next couple of months, I plan on successfully completing my first toes to bar and pull ups without bands. I would also like to increase my deadlift and squat to over 200 lb. Outside of the gym, I am in medical school at Des Moines University as a physician assistant. I am beyond excited to be done with the classroom and start clinicals in the beginning of June. So that goal is pretty obvious; just try to not make an a** of myself while on rotations.
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