By now, most of you have been in attendance for one of Matthew’s classes. He goes by Matthew (not Matt), and occupies his time with books about CrossFit and educational videos online. He’s been with 8035 for about 4 months and we love his technical knowledge and hungry attitude toward our member’s health, as well as his own development as a coach and athlete! His warm-ups are like workouts, he’s a stickler for fantastic form and his taste in music is still up for debate. He celebrates “Thigh Day Friday” each week (might not wanna stand behind him for squats), and sometimes rocks a half man-bun thing. He digs yoga and mobility, and making sure your squats are at depth. Learn more about Matthew…


How long have you been doing CrossFit?

  • For about 2 years

Why did you decide to be a coach?

  • I attended the L1 to get tips on squat and snatch, and accidentally fell in love with what CrossFit has to offer everybody, from Navy Seals to Grandmas.

Favorite song to workout to?

  • “Eye of the Tiger” if it’s the end of a workout, or “Stacy’s Mom”.

Favorite thing about coaching at 8035?

  • The positive community.  Super supportive of each other.  And everybody is willing to be coached and to grow!  They’re hungry!

Favorite kind of doughnut?

  • I’ve been sampling them the past couple weekends (because we have them around all the time).  I think the chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting.

Favorite color?

  • Royal blue.

Why the long hair?

  • At this point is just momentum…I can’t remember how I started. One day I just wondered what it would look like.  Then ridicule kept me going.

Least favorite CrossFit lift/movement/?

  • Pistols are stupid, especially if there is running in the WOD and I can’t wear my lifters.

Long term goal(s)?

  • Right now, it’s to develop myself for the rest of my life as both a coach and as an athlete.  I want to spend time sweating in the gym, I want to spend time reading and researching, I want to spend time with coaches and athletes across disciplines, I want to do anything and everything that helps me learn and grow.  And then I want to share that knowledge with anyone who could get even the slightest benefit.  I’m not really concerned about the specifics.
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