Some helpful information!

Most people have a lot of questions before diving into a new fitness routines. And we’re here to help!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is high intensity, constantly varied, functional fitness.  It’s a method of working out that is scalable to anybody from folks who have never been active, to those at a more elite level.  And it gets results.  Participants see benefits in their strength, joint health, stamina, lean body mass, confidence, and more.

What should I know coming in?

It’s not dangerous at our gym.  It’s not unhealthy or damaging.  But it’s also not easy.  We combine mobility exercises, corrective instruction, yoga offerings, and CrossFit to give you the most beneficial results.  But it’s up to you to apply what you learn, to come in for workouts, and to commit to movement standards.  We will give you guidance the entire way through and serve as not only trainers, but a support system for your CrossFit journey!

What nutrition plan do most CrossFitters follow?

We offer Whole30 and Paleo challenges several times throughout the  year.  Goals can vary, and we provide more individualized plans and instructions based on those goals.  Eat to Perform is a great way to focus on intake and associated performance, Whole30 is a great way to “cleanse” your body of garbage and still eat amazing whole foods, and Paleo offers a high protein diet intended to keep foods in their purest form, keep the body healthy and fueled, and enjoy some good stuff!

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