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Our extensive list of classes and services provide you with the tools you need for optimum fitness, wellness, and continued personal development.

Daily Accessory Work

Nutrition Coaching


Skill and accessory time is set aside every day in every class and focuses on gymnastics, core work, skill progressions and more.  To ensure your skills are safe, efficient, and progressing, we give you the tips and coaching necessary to achieve your fitness goals and fine-tune your skill set.

Fuel your fitness and achieve your goals with nutrition coaching, availably year-round. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, shed body fat or gain muscle mass, we have certified coaches who can help.

Combine mobility and body weight movements, for a strength and flexibility based yoga experience that will get your heart rate up, get you stretched out, and get you feeling the burn.  Work on your core strength, body awareness and more in our once a month in our X-Factor class.

Open Gym


Freebee Fridays

Make-up a workout, spend time on strength, or focus on a weakness.  We have extended open gym hours and expanded our space to accommodate your needs.

A CrossFit inspired 30-minute option, without the fuss of barbells or foundations.  This daily class focuses on low impact, functional movements perfect for all ages and abilities!

A monthly opportunity for anybody to try it out for free!  All classes are free, all day.  The first Friday of every month, be there!

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