amy2It seems only fitting that as the New Year begins, I take some time to ponder change. Afterall, it’s been the theme of my 2015!

The great irony of life is that the only constant is change. And while others embrace it, I hate it. I dig my routines, from how I wake up to where I stand in the gym. Straying from my version of normal causes discomfort, uncertainty and a loss of security. So you can imagine the roller coaster of emotions I experienced moving 3 times and changing jobs 4 times in one year! Just ask my husband…we’re talking colossal theme park type of roller coasters…the kind that go upside down and hang out there way too long.  The kind where your hair stands on end and you fight that pukey feeling long after you get off. However, I eventually ditched the pukey feeling and established a “new normal”. Oddly enough, all is well…actually, all is better. Much, much better.

It’s often this way when it comes to our health. We find comfort in the way we eat and the workouts we do. Getting outside that comfort zone means all that is “normal” changes. Insecurities creep in. We fail. We go from first to last. Our bodies fight back in the form of soreness, headaches or cravings. Temptations are everywhere. Friends and family question our choices. We question our choices.

Yet no one has ever changed while remaining comfortable. Let me say that again. No one has ever changed while remaining comfortable.

As you reflect on the year that’s inevitably flown by, and look forward to a new year full of potential, I challenge you to examine your health routines. Where have you become complacent? Where have you settled into a comfort zone…wishing, but never taking that step? What goals still linger from 2015? How can you get uncomfortable and reach for them in 2016?

Take that first step. Then the next. You will soon too discover that all is better. Much, much better.

Yours in health,

Coach Amy

*If you’d like to visit with a coach about your goals for 2016, my door is always open. Hit me up! 🙂
** If nutrition is an area you need to improve we are having a Nutrition 101 Meeting January 3 after open gym.

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