Everything you need!

At CrossFit 8035, at the Garage, we try to offer our members all the services they might need to achieve their personal fitness and health goals.

Personal Training

The Garage’s top trainings offer one-on-one personal training to cater to specific training needs and goals!  Our trainers are highly qualified in not only CrossFit, but also standard strength and conditioning practices.  Trainers available for personal sessions are Abi Reiland, Luke Reiland and Matthew Henry and available hours are flexible.  Rates begin at $50 per hour.

Nutrition Consultation

Struggling with your nutrition and needs some guidance or accountability?  We are here to help.  Abi Reiland and Audra Welton, both certified, can create individualized programming based on your needs and goals.  We can assist with cupboard/fridge clean-up, grocery shopping, and determining a plan appropriate for you.  In addition, daily or weekly online food logs allow you to track your food choices and allow you coach to provide detailed feedback on your progress!  For more information and/or pricing, email abi@crossfit8035.com!


With plenty of space and equipment, The Garage provides a perfect opportunity for rental to personal trainers, CrossFit events, individuals or companies.  To find out more about equipment, days/times available, and/or pricing, contact us at info@crossfit8035.com.

Personalized Programming

We realize that our hours or location may not be convenient for everybody.  So if you’re just looking for a great program to follow on your own, let us know!  Our team can provide personalized programming geared toward your fitness goals.  For more information including pricing, email us at info@crossfit8035.com!