We are a family of people committed to fitness and fun!


Nestled at the intersection of Interstates 80 and 235, Downtown Des Moines lends itself to over 80,000 corporate workers and a growing residential presence. As former athletes, friends, and training partners, TJ, Audra, Abi, and Luke wanted everybody from the 20-something downtown dwellers, to the 70-something corporate CEO’s to make health and wellness a priority. Although the partners came from diverse backgrounds that provided unique perspectives and strengths, they shared one valuable perspective; CrossFit was becoming the most revolutionary health movement in decades. They agreed that a focus on constant variation and development, while maintaining safety, structure, and organization would give Des Moines a fun, effective, and unique opportunity to make health a priority. Their growing passion for CrossFit and it’s ability to cater to a diverse demographic lead them to create CrossFit 8035 in January of 2013. On a beautiful January evening, during sunset, the 4 friends lead their first public workout in the PapaJohn’s Sculpture Park with over 50 excited folks and news crews in tow.

As a rapidly developing metropolis working toward a healthier community, Des Moines embraced CrossFit 8035 and the newfound “sport of fitness”. People of the Midwest, are known for a tenacious work ethic and strength in community and those qualities lead to a tight knit group of members and an expansion only 3 months into business. Knocking down a wall in their East Village location excited the community even more, and in months to come new trainers came on board, hours were expanded, and CrossFit 8035 became a recognizable name in Des Moines.

In November of 2013, with a overwhelming interest in the competitive opportunities CrossFit offered, owners of CrossFit 8035 decided to host a small competition. They very quickly realized small wouldn’t work. The 1st Annual MAT Games (www.thematgames.com) hosted over 170 athletes at Hy-Vee Hall in a 1-day competition for all abilities. In 2014, the 2nd Annual MAT Games grew to a 3-day event with over 250 athletes competing in divisions ranging from Elite to Masters. And in January of 2015, The MAT Games LLC decided to make things even more fun offering a pairs event called The CF Circus (www.thecfcircus.com). With over 380 athletes from around the Region competing, and over 75 of those athletes from CrossFit 8035 the small gym from humble beginnings was bursting at the seams.

The momentum of the high intensity, group fitness style and a Downtown rampant with new developments, CrossFit 8035 jumped at the opportunity for a newer, larger space with expanded ammenities. The historic Owen & Crist Towing building off Keo Way was exactly what the members needed. To honor the tradition, CrossFit 8035 renamed their facility The Garage, home of CrossFit 8035. In January of 2015, CrossFit 8035 signed a new lease for a space with 6,000sqft including a spacious workout area, a kids room, 3 showers, a 1,200sqft gym space for additional class offerings and open gym, and a big beautiful garage door. The new space also provided ample parking, a killer sound system, and new retails options like apparel and healthy snacks.

Despite the growth, CrossFit 8035 is committed to their close community, on-going education for members and trainers, community outreach, fundraising, and making a difference in the lives of Des Moines area residents through healthy living. Their methods give individuals a chance to safely and comfortably ease into a fitness regimen that can be a lifelong practice.

At Crossfit 8035 we are the murderers of monotony. The seekers of intensity. The makers of more…more confidence, more strength, and more opportunity for healthy living. We are young and old, small and large, beginner and elite. We are a community of those willing to push themselves to new places. A better lifestyle begins here.