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Our general programming is perfect for members wanting to feel good and look good naked. But for members seeking an extra edge, the 8035 Strength Program is the perfect compliment to general programming. The strength program adds the core lifts, olympic lift technique work, and accessory work designed to build strength without beating you into the ground and interfering with your WODs.

Like any program, the best results will come when the athlete follows the program as it is laid out. Making modifications without considering the intent of the program will only end in the heartache of slower gains, overtraining, or even back-sliding. Before you commit to a journey aboard the Gain Train that is the 8035 Strength Program, please read through this list of things to consider.

READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE STRENGTH PROGRAM. Here, we’ve done our best to outline the goals, thought process, and best way to approach this program. If you have questions, odds are it is answered below.

The 8035 Strength Program is designed to be used with the 8035 Daily WODs.
The lifts and accessory work laid out in this program are designed to compliment the daily class workouts in a way that prevents overworking a muscle group or neglecting another. Doing workouts that you find online or that you make up on your own should be done sparingly or not at all while using this program.

Lifts are intended to be done before metcons or in a separate session.
For best results, lifting should always be done before  metcons. This means ideally, you either come in before class, or you do the lifting in a separate session (resting about 3 hours between workouts is best practice). It won’t kill you if one day you only have time to do it after class, but don’t make a habit out of it.

Order Matters.
The lifts are intentionally presented in a specific order. The lifts written first are intended to be done first. The accessory work is written after the main lifts because it is meant to be done after the main lifts. The lifts are programmed on the days they are programmed for a reason. For best results, do the program as written.

Deload weeks are supposed to be light.
CrossFitters are workhorses. When the workout is easier and the loads are lighter it is very tempting to bump up the weight. Don’t. Not a pound more on the bar than what is prescribed. Really, it’s okay. Our bodies need the recovery, and it will help you come back stronger than ever for the next cycle.

Your rest day is supposed to be a rest day.
Thursday and Sunday are blocked off as rest days. This means absolutely no difficult or heavy workouts on these days. For those of you who absolutely have to come into the gym on Thursdays, scale way down for the workout that day. If you regularly do Rx+ workouts (as in that is your default option, not something that you do once every two weeks), then do the Fitness option on Thursdays. Everyone else should do the Novice version of the workouts on that day. You can get a little sweaty, but that’s it. Your body *NEEDS* recovery days to get stronger. You want to get stronger, don’t you?

Each new cycle, add 5 lbs (Men) or 2.5/3 lbs (Women).
Every cycle, add 5 lbs or 2.5/3 lbs to every single lift you did the previous cycle. That’s it. Every 4 weeks, you’ll go into a new cycle and then you’ll be doing just a little more weight than the previous 4 weeks. This program is all about slow but consistent incremental gains. If you can’t do the new weights, take a few steps back and build back up. If you add weight in a new cycle and find that the barbell stops moving, take 10 lbs off (Men) or 5 lbs off (Women) and that is your new weight for that lift in this cycle. This means that I take that weight off for every week in the cycle. Yes, this will mean that you will be working with lighter loads than the previous cycle, and that’s okay. The next cycle you’ll add your incremental weight and be back at the weight of the cycle before the plateau, and that’s also okay. After *that* cycle, people usually find that they’ve gotten out of the plateau. Check your ego and trust the process!

We will use consistent vocabulary.
A problem in the past has been knowing if a lift is from the hang, power, squat, or done while standing on your head. To correct this, we will be using the same vocabulary in the strength program and in class programming. Cleans and snatches will always be labeled power, squat, hang, or whatever other variation we are using that day. If no label is attached (which should be rare), then the lift can be either squat or power, depending on your preference.

Technique lift percentages are based on the main lift.
If the program wants you to do a “Slow Pull Squat Snatch” at 65%, this means at 65% of your 1 RM Snatch. Similarly, 3 Position Squat Clean at 60% means at 60% of your 1 RM Squat Clean. There will never be a call for you to know your 1 RM of a non-standard lift.

This is not a 1 Rep Max program.
When you are lifting more weight for more reps than you were the previous cycle, I promise that you are getting stronger. You will not ever be maxing out on this program. That’s the intent. Do your best to resist the siren call of the 1 Rep Max, even when you’re lifting more than you ever have before. Trust the process.

Check the video and descriptions for each lift and accessory movement.
To make sure that everyone is doing the intended movements and doing them correctly, we will post a video and description of every single exercise. If you have any questions after watching the video and reading the description, be sure to ask questions on the Facebook page.

Accessory movements are intended to be scaleable.
Just like in class, you may come across movements that you can’t do prescribed. Rather than breaking 3×10 strict pull-ups into 15×2 strict pull-ups, check your ego and scale the movement so you can do the rep scheme laid out in the program. Scaling options will be included in the video description and possibly in the program itself.

Life happens.
School, family, friends, illness, and work are all things. You will probably miss days. It’s okay. Unless you miss a week or more, just jump right back in on the day you come back. Do not try and make up the days you missed. If you do, you’ll risk doing too much on those make-up days and throwing off the delicate balance that we’ve created within the program. A few days off here and there is perfectly acceptable; just come back and hit it hard the next day!

Note: If you are missing a week or more, ask a coach for recommendations on moving forward.

Post videos.
A huge advantage of Facebook is the ability to post videos. We coaches can’t be there for every single lift and movement, so recording yourself on a regular basis and getting as many eyes on those videos as possible is a fantastic way to make tweaks and adjustments. Even watching your own videos can have an enormous benefit. Some of my biggest “Ah ha!” moments have come from me watching myself doing a clean or a snatch over and over and over again. It’s easily one of the best ways to build body awareness and improve. In addition, look forward to “Coaches Corner” open gym time where a number of coaches will be on hand for technique work, and workshops will be coming back!

Ask questions.
One of the best parts of this program is access to the Facebook group and the combined knowledge of all of its members. If you have a question, odds are that someone else has that exact same question. It’s much better to ask than it is to find out three cycles later that you’ve been doing a movement wrong or mixing up a rep scheme.


The whole point of this program is to make you stronger so that you feel better. Just like the classes, this should be fun, not a chore. Approaching it with a lighthearted mindset is going to prevent you from getting burned out, and it will keep you coming back for more gains!

***If you’re not prepared to commit to the standard strength program, but want some specialized programming for specific lifts and/or skills, connect with Amy or Matthew for information on individualized options!

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